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Alessandra is celebrating her 35th year of owning and operating her bridal boutique in Warren, MI, and serving over 30,000 brides. She would like to personally thank the thousands of brides and their families for allowing her to make the most exciting day, the most unique and memorable. She continues to strive for excellence in customer service as well as hand selecting the most beautiful assortment of bridal creations from the latest designers at an affordable price. We encourage you to come in to our store and experience the magic for yourself.

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Once you have decided on a wedding date & set up a venue, it is time to shop for the bridal gown in which you will begin a new chapter of your life in. Our Bridal gowns prices range from $600 to $7500.

On average, wedding gowns can take 4 to 6 months to arrive. However, last minute shoppers can expect many options from manufacturer’s who carry extra stock selections or from our standing inventory.

Appointments are required, and you can schedule one by clicking here.

It is usually best to bring only 2 to 4 maximum guests (who fully support your vision) that we can accommodate comfortably and safely as we are a small boutique. Every individual has their own needs. It is important that you express them and be open, honest and transparent. You already made a decision who you will marry. The hardest decision is done. Now you will speed date your dress, till you find the right one. Follow your instinct and do not second guess yourself. Stay true to what you want and who you are. You must go with the gown that makes you look and feel beautiful.

Alterations are by appointment only and we recommend your first Bridal fitting appointment take place two months prior to your wedding date if possible. We do our best to accommodate out of towner’s when possible. Bridesmaids, Mothers of the bride/groom are recommended 4 to 6 weeks prior. Alterations are performed by seamstresses that have a specialized level of expertise to ensure the best possible fit be given with the elements of the gown and body type. Our goal is to sculpt your gown to your body and customize your needs. So, please give us a call.

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